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Di’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Jul 2015

MapHi all
Since last entry we have travelled from Newman to Perth. First stop a free camp at Three Rivers Rest area Gasgoyne South. A great spot -photos attached. We had a great view of the waterhole. Cattle all around and 1000s of flies. Robin wants a onesy fly net. If only I could sew!! We had planned to free camp all the way down but there was no one at the other camp spots so we drove on to a caravan park. One of our rules is not to stay alone - most of these camps have been very isolated. It is getting cold so most tourists have gone north, not many of us travelling south. We stayed at Cue, Dalwallinu and Calingiri caravan parks - all very good. Appartently councils were given money to improve/ provide caravan facilities in their towns and villages.

As we drove done towards Dalwallinu we suddenly started to see buildings and green fields and evidence of life and activity. The past 3 months there has been a lot of nothing between towns so we were quite startled at first - it seemed strange. It is the home of wheat and wattle - a very prosperus area.

From there we went via New Norcia to visit the monks then onto Calingiri - what a find!! I read on WiKi camps it was worth the 30km detour. $16.50 all services including free washing - nearly as good as free camping but with heating. This area has never known drought so a local told us. Wheat, canola, sheep and some cattle in the area.

We are now in Perth, a bit of catch up stuff to do - haircuts, caravan service, shopping etc. A bit of maintenance on body and equipment. As for the fridge problem I am glad I only paid in beer, bread and wine - the problem returned. The theories of the 4 blokes were all wrong so I had to take matters into my own hands. After triple checking everything I widened the space of the fridge pin on the 12 pin plug and bingo it has worked ever since. Fingers crossed. Now I have a hot water system issue to tease me, in fact tease is not my preferred word but will have to do to keep this entry G rated.

We have been to Perth before so don't need to do too much touristy stuff. We enjoyed a drive around many of the suburbs down to Freemantle and the coastal drive up to Hillarys. Today we went to the Swan Valley where we indulged in local produce. We were planning on having high tea but due to factors beyond our control we had hot chips, chocolate and a good laugh.

We will keep a visit to Rottnest for next time. We would prefer to go there when its warm. Its just under $200 for us to get the ferry over and back. Dont fancy paying that much to be cold walking along the beach.

Saw the state of origin - what a waste of time! At least the tennis has been enjoyable.

Weather cool but glorious in the sun. Will be catching up with Sue our neighbour this week. She is over here and has kindly brought us some bills.

Bye for now
Love Di and Robin