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Di’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Jul 2015

Yes OK time for an update.
We enjoyed the rest of our time in Perth. Enjoyed some nice sunsets. Caught up with Sue our neighbour and her daughter Kelly and the family. Had a bit of a win at the Casino so gotta be happy with that.

From Perth we headed to Mandurah, about 90km south of Perth. We stayed five nights. Robin has had a bad back so needed a couple of physio treatments and a doctor visit. Her progress is very slow. She is comfortable with everything except walking. Time will tell, resting as much as pssible at present.

Mandurah has lots of waterways with housing developments. Quite amazing how many housing developments on waterways are under construction from Mandurah down to Dawesville. Dawesville has the golf course called The Cut - it looked great but I didnt get to play it - should have checked it out earlier. It was cold, windy and a bit wet so I gave it a miss. I did play Meadow Springs which was good. In fact it was very warm when I played which made it even better.

You wouldnt believe it but the people checking in behind us at Mandurah were Michelle's (from work) parents from Ballina. We had not met them before but I did know they were on the road over here somewhere. New friends for happy hour.

Next stop Busselton for a couple of days. We stopped off at Bunbury on the way - we didnt realise it was such a big port. From the road it looked like wheat and woodchip being exported. Bunbury has a black and white checkered lighthouse - not sure of the significance of that.

We stayed down on the waterfont at Busselton near the jetty. The jetty is 1.8km long. It has significant history back to early days and the war years. The underwater observatory was closed due to poor visibilty in the water after the rain. We took the train ride out as there was no way Robin could walk it, the weather was nice at the time. I walked it at sunset and it was blowing a gale.
We took a drive to Cape Nautralise and around a foodie trail at the top end of the Margaret River. The lighthouse at the Cape was nothing to speak of. The guy in the shop asked did I really want to bother given we regularly visit the Byron lighthouse, so he didnt charge me full price. At the base of the lighthouse you only see glimpes of water as you have to look over 2m of heath. Not quite the panorama of Byron. We had lunch at Eagle Bay Brewery and visited some wineries as we did the round trip out through Dunsborough and Yallingup.

We are now at Big Valley Campground in the Margaret River and we will stay at least a week. It is a working sheep farm. We have caught up with Michelles parents again - so more happy hours. In fact I am sitting with my new best friend Lacey (their dog) in their motor home. They have gone for a drive. Better internet on their site than ours. We dont get any phone or internet in our van and we are about 30 metres away. Interesting that you only get analogue TV here and only 3 stations and minimal radio. We are about 10km from the town of Margaret River.

We had heavy rain last night - the heaviest we have had since we left home. We have been blessed with the weather. It seems to rain in places after we leave and we have had minimal rain whilst on the road and after we get set up before it closes in. Can't ask for better than that. There hasnt been enough rain to make us change our plans at all so you gotta be happy with that.

Sorry no photos to add at present - havent taken many. Weather not the best at Bunbury and construction on the foreshore at Busselton obscured a good jetty shot. Internet too slow to try with what photos I have at present.

Sun is out so must go and enjoy it. Having a quiet day today.

Love Di and Robin