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Di’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015

MapHi all

Firstly apologies for the lack of entries. The reception over the past 5 weeks has been poor at best so internet access has been limited. In fact for the last 4 weeks we have had only 3 analogue TV channels, no radio, phone or internet in the van. Outside you could get some service but continually drops out. Not good for Robin given she has been caravan bound with her back.

On that note she had a CT guided injection into her back last week. She has been slowly improving since. After 4 days we decided she was improving enough to move on toward home. The alternative is to fly home. We will make our final decision on that next week, but so far it is looking promising to head across the Nullabor.

Our delay in the Margaret River wasnt all bad - I enjoyed it there. I was starting to feel like a local. You know you have been around for a while when:
1. The caravan park owners ask you to look after the place for a day whilst they go out.
2. You go to Woolies and get recognised by the locals and BEST of ALL
3. you go to a winery and they charge you staff prices (maybe I went there once or twice??)

Many of the locals over here say that Margaret River and Byron Bay are very similar. Really the similarity is that tourism is the major industry. Residental rents are much much cheaper here and there are no nightclubs or late night venues. When I told some locals that there are security gaurds on the taxi rank after 10pm on weekends - their response was you would be lucky to find a taxi at 10pm in Margaret River. I have really enjoyed it here and have left plenty of things to do next time.

Back on the road, we moved onto Denmark where once again we had picture perfect weather for 2 days. In fact shorts and t shirt weather. We rushed around to all the beaches, rocks and lookouts. We can see why people rave about the coastline. We also went back to Walpole to the Valley of the Giants Tree top walk. Robin was unable to do the walk but a least could get a good perspective on it. It is great that she is now mobile enough to go out to lunch. We both enjoyd The Lake House and the Boston Brewery. We kept the brewery outing for a day of not so perfect weather and enjoyed all they had to offer in front of a great fire.

On the road again and next stop Albany - big day 50km! Needed to arrive here today to have something replaced on the van. A pressure valve in the hot water system needed changing - warranty job of course. All done and now in a park on the beach. We are never too far from the water! We will be here for at least 4 days.

I am getting dizzy the speed of the internet is so fast here - hooray!! I will upload some photos later now that we have good service.

Bye for now
Cheers Di and Robin x x