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Di’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Aug 2015

MapHi folks
I have uploaded a few photos from the last month.

We are still in Albany. Visited the ANZAC memorial that was opened November last year - impressive. What a waste of life war is!

Weather a bit dodgy - rain for 10 mins then sun, then rain then sun etc etc. Visited the Sandalwood factory yesterday. Enjoyed a tour and then got gonged - yes very Byron. A bit like the meditation session at the Crystal Castle with the bowls.

Next stop the wind farm. 18 turbines provide Albany with 80% of its power.

Forgot to mention in my last entry some wine info. To my mates that are stocking up on those 2013 reds from vineyards with low yields over east - watch out for 2015 reds from Margaret River. Yields have been low due to the dry season so keep our eyes peeled for some bargains and good reds.

Robin continues to improve. Walking small distaces but needs to be cautious.

Weather depending - may go to the Sterling Ranges tomorrow, then head towards Esperance on Saturday. After that we head for home - will probably take about 2 weeks to get home.

Cheers Di and Robin