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Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Aug 2015

I just added a photo to the Albany etc page.

We had great weather across the Nullarbor. The first two days were picture perfect - not a cloud to be seen with great sun and moon rises plus great sunsets. The wind wasn't in our favour. My new best friend Tom said he put his vehicle in neutral and hardly used any fuel with a tail wind. In comparison we needed 4wd - haven't calculated the mileage yet. It wasn't too bad to drive in - last time we had a tail wind.

Overall we cannot complain we have had near perfect weather our whole trip. Could count the days we have had rain. Talked to a lady today who had been on the road 7 weeks and had 5 weeks of rain - quite heavy. We have had a few showers only - not bad for 6 months. Only two weeks to go.

It's nice and warm here but looks like we are heading to cooler days for the trip home
Cheers Di