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David’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2015

Location: Canada

Map16/6/15 Toronto

Absolute scorcher for our last day in Toronto. Went up the CN Tower first, beat the crowds almost had it to ourselves. 1800+ feet up, elevator - lift to you and me - takes just under a minute. Brilliant 360 deg view of the city and over Lake Ontario. Glass floor took a bit of dealing with. Took tin he railway museum iat the bottom of the tower. Big steam trains, I'm still ten years old. Brill. Then found a few areas of Toronto we missed yesterday, there are some green bits after all. Favourite was the distillery, used to be the largest distillery in North America, Toronto had a problem with its water so they drank Whisky instead. It's on the edge of Corktown where all the Irish settled. At one time over half the population of Toronto was Irish. The distillery isn't a distillery anymore it's been converted to galleries and cafes and the Mill House Brewery where we had lunch.

Sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for our transfer to the airport so this will be the last blog. We've had the best time, hope it's not been too painful reading about it. Looking forward to seeing you all soon