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David’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Feb 2018

Location: Singapore, Singapore

MapFeb 3rd. They lied about the weather it's been cracking the cobbles all day. Jackies had a dodgy tum from some crab and lobster pasta last night so the walk on the Southern Ridges was out the window. We'll save it for next time. Wandered (slowly) over to Fort Canning Park then onto the Singapore National Museum for a History lesson. No wonder no one in the world likes us. Waiting in the hotel lobby for the taxi to the airport. Singapore has been brilliant it's an amazing city, the people have been really friendly. The transport system is excellent. Loads to see and do way more than three days can accommodate. I think I've heard every language under the sun in the last few days. Next stop Christchurch.

Jackie is on the mend - managed half an omelette for lunch and it stayed in!