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David’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Feb 2018

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

MapFeb 4th Christchurch. Second long flight got in a bit late, Getting through immigration took a while as we had to declare we were bringing in walking shoes so we had to unpack the cases in case there was anything on them. They were very sharp on that and anyone with fruit or foodstuff. Spent the afternoon and evening in the city which came as a bit of a shock. Large parts of it are still flattened blocks, building sites or propped up with girders form the earthquakes six and seven years ago. One of the main shopping malls is still working out of converted shipping containers - including a food court (ReStart Mall). The cathedral is still half collapsed and the Transitional Cathedral constructed out of cardboard is incredible. Took the obligatory walk around the Botanic Gardens, lovely but enhanced by the free concert taking place at the centre of the gardens so we had a rather fine blues soundtrack to the walk. Lovely city despite the damage regenerating in a really positive way. Shared a beer with a lovely young couple on their honeymoon who were at the end of their stay so gave us lots of tips and ideas about places to go (and places to avoid!) before having meal in the Regent Street area built in the 1930s in the Spanish Mission style which survived the earthquake. Blue skies, temperature in the 20s and a nice breeze for the next week - my sort of climate. Stayed light until gone 9 pm real contrast to Singapore.