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David’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Feb 2018

Location: Akaroa

MapFeb 5th. Have motorhome will travel. A bit old, been round the block a few times squeaks rattles and bangs on the corners, suspension resembles an overstretched elastic band. The motorhome not me. It's home for the next few weeks and will do fine. Drove from Christchurch to Akaroa, lovely scenery on the way. It sits on the crater of an extinct volcano. Pretty little town. Bizarrely it's French, settled in 1840, still flies the tricolor has a boucherie and boulongerie and lots of nice restaurants. We had hoped to make it in time to do a cruise around the harbour but hold ups at the MH depot cost us some time and the big shop always takes longer than you think! If weather allows we may try tomorrow morning but its forecast to be windy so we shall see! It's just nice to have unpacked and get settled in - had enough of suitcase living!