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David’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018

Location: Akaroa - Lake Tekapo, Germany

MapFeb 6th. Happy Waitangi day everybody. The day started windy and wet so much so that when we went to book onto the dolphin spotting trip we were hoping to go on most of the boats had cancelled for the day. Only one was going out so we went for it. Glad we did, it was a it uppy downy but we did eventually see the dolphins( smallest species Hector dolphins) , they surfed the waves at the front and under the boat and we caught a few leaping clear of the water) It was tremendous. Also saw penguins and seals swimming about. Got to the end of Akaroa Sound to the edge of the Pacific and the rollers were impressive or I thought so, the captain thought they were minor. ( it was more than enough to make me(J) a little queasy but the sight of those dolphins made me forget the ups,downs and sideways corkscrews!!) Also found out more about the French settlers, apparently the Brits had settled the North Island, got wind that the French were heading for the South Island, sent a bunch of sailors down whoever got their four days before the French so when they arrived after sailing across the world the first thing they saw was the Union Flag flying over their destination. I'll say it again no wonder no one likes us. Drove over to Lake Tekapo this afternoon. We are on a New Zealand Camping Club site. No facilities but on the lake shore with the mountains in the background. Jackie and I managed our first Southern Hemisphere run along the shores of the lake. As hard upside down as right way up but the stunning views made it worthwhile. Off to Mount Cook tomorrow.