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David’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Feb 2018

Location: Lake Pukaki to Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

MapFeb 8th. Drove from Lake Pukaki to the Otago Peninsula just beyond Dunedin following the Alps to the Ocean route along the Waitaki River for much of the way. Passed Lakes Waitaki and Aviemore. The scenery was standard for round here as in beautiful all the time with spells of breathtaking. Stopped just outside Twizel to view the Plains of Rohan, the Pelenor Fields and the Estemnet Gullies. Which is impressive as theoretically they are hundreds of miles apart (for LOTR nerds). Stayed briefly in Kurow where they have a "shrine" to Ritchie McCaw, apparently he was born there, came as a surprise to me as I thought he was born offside and lived there all his life, not that I'm bitter. (For Rugby nerds). Other stops were some Maori rock art (underwhelming), Elephant Rocks (impressive) and Moroaki Boulders (quite intriguing - a beach with spherical boulders about a metre or more across that emerge as the cliffs erode and seem to be hollow looking at one or two that had broken apart). Main purpose here was so Jackie could paddle in the Pacific - she said Gail would never forgive her if she didn't.