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David’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Feb 2018

Location: Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

MapFeb 9th. Spent most of the day on the Otago Peninsular. Managed a nice run along the coast even if we had to do a bit of backwards and forwards to make the distance. J went a bit backwards and forwards to avoid the serious hill climbs that D took on! Worrying notices about earthquake damaged roads!! Took an entertaining drive to Seal Point. Very tight, twisty and steep. Would have found it tough in the Sorento but in the lump I'm driving here it was quite exhilarating. Walked down to and along Sandfly Bay so called cos the sand flies when it's windy not cos of the insect life fortunately. Gorgeous spot, spent a happy chunk of time watching a couple of Sea Lions swim, surf and sunbathe - brilliant. Tough walk back up the sand dunes though! Wildlife tip on the way to the beach - Sea Lions are not afraid of humans and are quite brisk over short distances - attention paid. Spent the afternoon at Taiaroa Head where Royal Albatross were promised but no luck. Nice spot though. Drove to Dunedin, checked out the start of the Park Run tomorrow.