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David’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapFeb 10th. We like Dunedin very much. Started with the parkrun. Everyone very friendly some other Brits there, course was very tough but both Jackie and I got a podium finish in our age groups - 3rd for Jackie, 1st for me. Small field to be honest. Apparently Dunedin is Gallic for Edinburgh, settled by Scots and all the names are Scottish - we are staying at a site in Leith. Chatting to a bloke at the run from Glasgow who has settled here who reckoned the English stopped at Christchurch but it wasn't miserable enough for the Scots so they came further South. Headed into town, wandered round the Farmers Market by the station. The Market was lovely, the station is ridiculous, they imported the granite from Aberdeen, the roof tiles from Marseille and the decorations were made by Royal Doulton apparently it and the other major buildings in the place were built when the city was awash with money from the Goldrush. Dunedin was having a Gala Thieves Market, the whole of the City centre was filled with market and food stalls, there were three band areas going playing every kind of music, rock, pop country and western even some Irish dancers and some very uneastern looking belly dancers. Enjoyed wandering through it all had some street food and a beer and I talked myself out of buying a Crocodile Dundee style kangaroo leather hat - it wouldn't work in Rotherham. Off out for a meal in the University quarter tonight.