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David’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

Location: Catlins - Curio Bay, New Zealand

MapFeb 11th. Took the scenic tour of the Catlins from Dunedin down to Curio Bay. Weather turned agin us for the first time, very wet and grey so we didn't see it at its best but we are used to holidaying in the rain so coats on and crack on with it. Stopped at Nugget point, a dramatic headland with a lighthouse at the end - next stop Antarctica. Saw seals and sea lions below us on the rocks. Lunch by Catlin Bay ( which is not a bay it's an inlet - thank you geographer). Then Purakanui Falls and Lake Wilkie (by passing Niagara Falls strangely, we've seen them before!). Arrived at Curio Bay around 5.30 just as the weather cleared. Marvellous spot. Porpoise Bay on one side an enormous arc of white sand on one side. I'm planning a run there in the morning and Jackie is doing the run/swim (all being well!). Then there is a rocky platform beach on the other which is a petrified forest. Yellow eyed and Blue penguins nest here. Hoping to see them later. They come in at dusk, would love to see the blue ones particularly, they are only 6 ins high also known as Fairy penguins.
Update! We have seen penguins! Spent about an hour watching 2 pairs make their way across the rocky beach to their chicks waiting at the tree line. Then as we walked back along the path behind the beach we saw them again near their nest sites and managed to get close up - only about 2/3 metres away. Magical!