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David’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Feb 2018

Location: Manapouri, New Zealand

MapFeb 12th. A run along the beach at Porpoise Bay as the sun comes up is the only way to start the day so we did. Jackie braved the ocean as well. (To call it bracing would be an understatement ❄️!!) Curio Bay has been the real high spot so far, not that there have been any low spots. It's also the furthest south we are going to be. Drove north to Manapouori ready for our big trip across Manapouori Lake, Wilmot Pass and Doubtful Sound tomorrow.
Staying on a site that has the real ring of a luxury Caravan Club Site ( for those who understand these things!). All separate hedge-enclosed pitches with seats provided! Facilities are spotless and very well cared for. Lines, pegs etc all provided! The lady in charge is pretty fearsome so woe betide anyone who makes a mess!! ( As I type she has just had a go at people opposite for moving their picnic table !!) Here for 2 nights as we won't get back from our trip until early evening - let's hope we can remain well behaved!
Thanks for the messages - lovely to hear from you. X