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David’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018

Location: Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

MapFeb 13th. Doubtful Sound. Fjordland. Doubtful Sound was named by Captain Cook. He was wrong on two counts, he called it Doubtful cos he doubted he could get his ship in and out - it's huge and apparently it's not a Sound it's a Fjord - no I don't know either. The trip is mega, a fifty minute trip across Lake Manapouri, an hours coach journey on gravel tracks across Wilmot Pass to get to the Sound then a three hour cruise around the Sound followed by the same trip in reverse. Really impressive scenery, more atmospheric than photogenic as most of the day was damp, misty and grey so mountain summits lost to view but literally hundreds of waterfalls cascading down into the sound. There is so much fresh water coming down into the sound that the top 10 metres are freshwater on top of the seawater below! A real demarcation visible as we briefly passed out of the sound into the open ocean of the Tasman Sea. This is the wettest area of New Zealand so that's usually what you get. Saw bottlenose dolphins in the Sound. It all looked very green but there is no soil everything just clings on to the rock. Now and then with two much rain they get travelanches which takes everything back to bare rock to start again. Some very gnarly trees which Peter Jackson used as models for the Ents.
New Zealand's greatest innovation - the ring pull beer bottle - genius
Plus we are in the top five visited sites on planet ranger - thanks