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David’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018

Location: Napier, New Zealand

MapFeb 27th. A changing plans day. Set off from Wellington with the intention of heading to Wanganui, possibly Whakapapa. The idea being to try the Tongariro crossing, a full day's alpine walk near Mt Doom aka Mt Ngauruhoe! Drove past the Pelannor fields, Osgiliath and the Trollshaws. Phoning ahead we found that the shuttle buses that take you to the start and bring you back from the walk would probably not be running as the weather was against us. It's not a walk to be undertaken in anything other than good conditions ( for us anyway!). So we headed to Napier, back on the Pacific coast. It was a bit of a drive but allows us to take a look round here at the Art Deco architecture before heading to Taupo and deciding whether to try the crossing later in the week or leave it till next time (!!) and head further North. This was our first real day driving in North Island and first impressions are that it is more densely populated- towns and villages are bigger and busier. Still not exactly crowded or busy though!!