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David’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Mar 2018

Location: Hobbiton , New Zealand

MapMarch 2nd. Started the day with a canopy walk through a Redwood Plantation. Absolutely beautiful, as with so much we have seen in NZ so much better than we expected. The view of the forest, particularly the ferns from that height was tremendous. Expected rain never really materialised so even better. Drove through Rotorua which was bigger and brasher than expected. Glad we stayed out of it! Plus that smell became pretty unpleasant! ! Then the main course. We drove to Hobbiton. When you look forward to something for so long you are nervous about it being an anticlimax, it wasn't. It was all I hoped it would be and more. I have walked through Hobbiton, stood by the Party Tree and Bilbo's gate and had a drink in the Green Dragon, I am blown away. I even got a free drink for answering the guides questions on the way round! Even Jackie is ready to watch all the films again when we get back just to spot the things we have seen. Have stopped at a little place called Te Aroha - small independent campsite an hour north of Hobbiton which is a bit "tired" but clean, has everything you need and beautifully located near the Kaimai-Mamuku Forest Park/Mountains.