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David’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Mar 2018

Location: Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

MapMarch 3rd. Despite numerous reasonable requests from me Jackie refused to go back to Hobbiton so we drove north to the Coramandel Peninsula instead. Stopped off at the Cheese Barn for a cuppa on the way. A dairy farm as the name suggests but with all sorts of animals and a cafe attached. Checked in to our site at lunchtime And were able to walk to the beach to spend the afternoon on Hot Water Beach. Again the clue is in the name. Beautiful beach with clear waters and major Pacific rollers coming in. In two small areas if you dig a hole it fills with hot water giving you your own little hot pool. Very busy in that bit and some care needed as depending on where you dig the water varies from cool, pleasantly warm to scalding as J discovered! Gave up trying to find a spot to dig our own pool and sat enjoying the sunshine/shade as applicable! As people started to leave pools became vacant so we got one and didn't even have to dig it ourselves! It was very pleasant but we left before the waves reclaimed the pools! I (J) only ventured into the waves a short way as they were incredibly strong- once again a big one nearly knocked me off my feet and the backwash was ferocious too!