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David’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Mar 2018

Location: Coromandel Town, New Zealand

MapMarch 6th. So I will admit straight off that I'm not a beach person, something to do with being born and growing up in Blackpool probably. We are on the way to Coromandel Town and stop at a beach. Standard issue NZ arc of white sand, turquoise ocean, white rollers, not many people, lovely. Do we stay there - no. We, and everyone else (J- ie 20 people at most on the whole beach!) to be fair, wade, scramble and hike for forty minutes round a rocky headland to another beach. New Chum Beach, which has made it to some list of the best beaches in the world, partly because it's so undeveloped and uncrowded. From where I'm standing it's an arc of white sand, turquoise ocean etc, etc. I don't get it but Jackie does. You can judge from the photos. Admittedly I was that hot from the walk there I did have to take my first dip in the Pacific. There were even trees to provide much needed shade and the trek back was a bit easier at low tide. Another mountain road has brought us to Coromandel Town - 1 street, a couple of pubs and a campsite! However Tues 6th is NZ census day so we have completed our census forms and will be officially recorded!