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David’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2018

Location: Waipu, New Zealand

MapMarch 7th. Longish drive north round/through Auckland, first bit of motorway driving. We weren't sure whether to push on to get to Bay of Islands (our last port of call) but the sun came out so decided to call it a day. Stopped at a little town/village called Waipu and spent an interesting hour in the museum. Waipu was settled by 900 odd Scots who had been kicked out during the highland clearances, first emigrated to Nova Scotia, then built their own ships when that didn't work out, sailed to Australia then on to New Zealand. They still have a huge Highland games here every year. Incredible story, the guy in charge doesn't sound a barrel of laughs mind. Norman McLeod. Kicked out of several Church of Scotland sects for being too narrow minded. Found a campsite at Waipu Cove. To return to an earlier theme just 1 minute over some dunes from our pitch there is a standard issue NZ beach white sands etc, etc. Just saying. Had a late afternoon dip cos it would have been rude not to!