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David’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Mar 2018

Location: Bay of Islands, New Zealand

MapMarch 9th. Spent all day on the Cream Trip. This started as a service boat round the Bay of Islands making deliveries and collecting milk from the farms on the Islands and has morphed into a tourist trip. Started with an attempt by some to swim with a pod of dolphins. Quite entertaining as the dolphins appeared to be taking the piss showing up so they all got in the water then disappearing until they got out then reappearing. Well done dolphins they didn't ask to have people swim with them. We sailed on to The Hole in the Rock which is more impressive than it sounds Kiwis seem to be very literal in naming things. On a good day they sail through but not today which pleased me as the boat looked bigger than the hole. Lunch break on an island with standard issue NZ beach as previously described and crystal clear water. Tour of the other islands on the way back and then a new game. We were asked if any one fancied boom netting, Jackie said we did. I should have clicked when the others doing it were all early twenties. They push out two long poles and string a net between them, a dozen or so of you jump into the net so you are in the water like catch of the day. The captain then floors it, while you hang on for grim death. When bored he floors it in reverse then repeats for what seemed quite a long time. It felt like a cross between being in a washing machine and being hosed down by the riot police. We got some very odd looks from the other grown ups on the boat when we got out but growing up is overrated. Off out for a meal at The Duke of Marlborough, the oldest licensed premises in Russell, which used to be known as the hell hole of the Pacific because of the rowdiness of its inhabitants, much more sedate these days.