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David’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Mar 2018

Location: Whitianga Treaty Grounds, New Zealand

MapMarch 10th. Overcast and wet this morning but we both managed a run before taking the passenger ferry across the bay. Spent the morning at the Whitianga Treaty Grounds where in 1840 the treaty between Britain and the Maori tribes was signed which is seen as the founding of New Zealand and is celebrated every year on 6th February. In fact only 40 of the 200 tribes present signed and many weren't there at all. Plus what they signed was a little bit different in the translation into Maori! Also the treaty grounds were the place where several years earlier the tribes had declared an independent state of the United Maori Tribes which Britain had recognised. Hey you don't build an empire by getting hung up on legalities! Watched an excellent cultural display of song and dance in a magnificent carved meeting house. Also saw an impressive 150 seater war canoe with the stump of the tree it was carved from. Afternoon dodging showers in Paihia then the ferry back for our last evening in Russell.