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mate’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Jun 2005

Location: Jinghong, China

MapJust 12 days before I set off on another little adventure riding across southern China on the trusty blue wife. I've been doing some long rides around this area and it's really making me appreciate just how cool and unique Xishuangbanna is.

Thus it'll be mixed feelings when I relocate to the east. I'll miss the laidback life, the Dai people, the forest (though a lot of rubber now) and some of the great firends I've made here. I'll really miss my lovely apartment. No chance of affording anything like it alsewhere in China!

I'll miss all my students with whom I've had soem really fun times and I feel I've helped them quite a lot.

But i won't miss these bloody mozzies biting the hell outta my ankles as I type! TBC.....