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mate’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Jun 2005

Location: Jinghong (1 more week!), China

MapSo...should be outta here in a week. Taught the last class today, next week exams and then on yer bike! Getting a little nervous about the prospect of lots of heat and rain but reckon i'll just have to try it nad otherwise take photos of it. Besides, my deepest sympathy goes to Evelyn in Amsterdam and Freddo in Newfoundland suffering Arctic conditions. HA-HA! I'd sooner this.

I'd really like to ride off to Kashgar in Xinjiang province. That's in the future. Just jumped out of the pool and wonder what the chance will be of finding a decent swimming hole in a lot of these little towns I'll pass.

Another thing I'll miss is this 5 months holiday a year thing! Just not enough money or people though....

Stay tuned...