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mate’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Jul 2005

Location: Dali, China

MapWell...sorry it's taken a while for me to actually write something on here but plenty has happened!

I reached Dali in time for giant lunchtime pizza and a bottle of delicious beer, which near knocked me out. Pretty tired after covering more than 400km in 3 days.

I rode from Jinghong to Menghai and then onto a little town called Mengman where I stayed for the night in a hotel. The roads just got progressively worse over the next few days and it rained every day. Got depressing, and slow...

Cut both tyres in fact and this was a problem. If the tyres split I'd have a serious crash. I rode a while once the road improved but then had to get a bus to Kunming to get tyres.

Sorted out the bike thing and set out three days ago for lovely Dali. First day was epic - Kunming to Chuxiong = 190km. my touring record!

Yesterday another 134km and today a hilly 97. Doing pretty well I reckon. Starting to enjoy the travelling again, too. Bike is fine now and the roads are much better in this part of Yunnan.

Plan is to relax for a day or two and then ride to the Nu Jiang valley a few days from here, and a pretty remote and little-visited part of China.