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Tuesday, 02 Aug 2005

Location: Hangzhou, China

MapJust arrived this morning in my new home - an apartment on campus at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. I'd hopped on a train at Shenzhen at 6:30 yesterday morning and enjoyed the trip up here.

I was struck by one thing as I stepped off the train at 9:15 - THE HEAT! Bloody hot, even for an Aussie. Haven't seen much of the city yet but it's obviously very big - about 7 million people! Eeeek!

Certainly didn't look particularly nice but I'll reserve judgment until after tomorrows explorations to the famous West lake. The job will be straight forward enough and the conditions are fine.

However Hong Kong makes one feel very inadequate in the Finance department - especially those of us on Chinese salaries. My money simply evaporated when I crossed the border at Shenzhen. Shenzhen isn't pretty at all - much worse than the low expectations I'd held.

Hong Kong is a great city but you need money, unsurprisingly. Went for a beer the last night, having found the nightlife hub on Hong Kong Islang. (Near Central) Ordered a Becks beer which looked lovely (nearly US$10 for a glass!!!). This left HK$12 in my pocket. The subway ticket back cost HK$9 but if I missed the last train...... Need I add that it was pouring rain? Sortta funny.

Stay tuned for "Courtney's trip to Hangzhou's famous lake", "Will that putrid smell come out of my socks" and "The night os two beers".

Wa an. (Goodnight!)