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Judy and David’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Sep 2015

Location: USA

MapCaptain's Log. Star date 20151
Lt Commander Uhuru Molloy and Sub standard Chapman were beamed up to the Captain's bridge by Chief Engineer "Scottie Dollars" Dolan. After a nervous breakfast in the company of patrons from an upper class planet with a rarified atmosphere, Chappers was not ejected as feared but escorted with Uhuru to launch pad by Scottie Dollars who after beaming them aboard ensured they left for new horizons by filming the event for evidence. Dollars could be heard murmuring faintly "to infinity and beyond...the more beyond the better" or some such interstellar vocabulary.
On board Chappers was informed of his mission by journalists from the Guardian: infiltrate the research of a certain photographer who is photographing all the Native American tribes to support their empowerment and ensure that once on planet NZ to support the unbanning of a novel by Ted Dawe "Into the river".....

Tuesday 8th Sept.
We found our hotel in mid town New York just off Duffy''s and Times Square in the heart of the theatre district. The weather was hot and humid and the afternoon and eve was spent exploring the area enjoying a fabulous chilli in Grand Central and a beer in a bar showing the England Switzerland game and communicating with folks back home. Further refreshment in further bars people watching preceded bed after a long day.

Wednesday 9th
We had a leisurely start with our trusty travel kettle and then set off wandering from Midtown to Downtown via Diamond, Garment, flowers, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, Trebica ending in the financial district and Ground Zero. We popped into a Hispanic Diner on the way for breakfast.
In Trebica we visited a LGBT Exhibition of Art, and had a fascinating conversation with one of the curators about the use of the word "queer"!!
Opposite, we were equally fascinated by an exhibition of 3D images of real people that had been sculpted into models via 3D printing!!

Loved wandering along Brooklyn bridge.... with views that you could never do justice with using a camera.
Having walked about 5 miles in 90 degree heat we decided to negotiate the subway back to our hotel...easy peasy!!

Thursday 10th Sept.
Took the Amtrak train to Rochester. Very relaxing and enjoyable journey along the Hudson River with heavily wooded,rural scenes. Lovely... with the trees turning different shades of orange and brown reflecting the coming season.
Mark and Donna met us at the station and took us to their beautiful home on the borders of Pitsford and Brighton. It was good to begin to catch up with them both.
We went for dinner in a little Greek restaurant in Pitsford and sat outside overlooking the Erie Canal. The evening was finished off with a visit to the local micro brewery.