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Fishenden ’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Location: Italy

MapFloss- Internet! 😁 Flight to Johannesburgh looooong!!! Was a human mattress but girls did well! Africa was as beautiful as ever.... people and place....had welcome party as girls met their Nono-very special!!! drives fantastic and ate Mopani worms, crocodile tail, warthog and more. Will definitely be back!! Xox Amazing flight over the Alps to Italy....full of ancient places, pizza, pasta and gelato and sore feet! Yesterday walked for 5 hours around colosseum and ancient ruins and today 4 hours around Vatican City ... Miss you all!, xxx

Brodie- I MISS YOU GUYSSSSS!!! I ate so much gelato today!😂 The pasta is soooo good here!! Africa was amazing and I finally met my Nono (who is an amazing cook!!) I spotted some lions and painted dogs. The guide said we brought the luck (we saw lions people stay for five days and don't even see one, we saw 5 and then it rained a bit) I ate a lot of strange food so that's kinda cool. I DIDNT GET MALERIA! Miss my chickens 🐔 😂❤️

Teagen- Africa is amazing we want to stay there forever. My Nono cooks the best pasta and we weren't even in Italy yet. And I'm gluten Italy.....where it is pizza and pasta....always. So much walking!!

Miss you all heaps! Heading to Florence tomorrow! Love and hugs! Xx ❤️❤️