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Fishenden ’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 May 2017

Location: Venice, Italy

MapTravelling to Venice by train at 300km/h...through heaps of long tunnels in Panini Mountain Range....spoils the view!!! ..come to a stop in a tunnel with announcement that seems to be something wrong with the operating systems on the train! Really!!!! After half hour decide to find food...only identifiable food is..... OREOS! Yay Oreaos to the rescue again(think Bali!) Next announcement is to turn off ALL electricals including lights to attempt to restart train! Mad scramble for torch(Always take BUT never use!) then discussion on who we would eat first if necessary...definitely some tour guide who kept telling bad jokes and giving quizzes....Another 15 mins and train starts! Cheers all around!!!!
Finally made it to Venice with mad scramble to reach gondola ride on time! Crazy things...swear we were going to tip the whole time...gondalier kept telling me to stop leaning opposite way! Lots more walking AND eating... LOVE and Miss you all xxx