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Fishenden ’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 May 2017

MapFloss- Fantastic afternoon with my two favourite travellers! Claimed the Eiffel Tower to second level.... 685 steps!! Exclusive restaurant meal left girls wanting Maccas lol... beautiful cruise ...Paris definitely looks prettier at night! (And needs more trees!)...realise I'm more of an open spaces rather than old places kinda girl!!! (Miss Africa and home!xxx)

Brodie- Today I slept until 1pm had lunch, had dinner in the Eiffel Tower got on a boat with my weird sister.....

Teagen- We went up the Eiffel Tower ate dinner (wasn't that good) then we went on a cruise and waved to people for an HOUR saw the tower at night and got some
GORGEOUS earrings of the Eiffel Tower