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Fishenden ’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 May 2017

MapFloss-Caught the Eurostar to London! 27 minutes under the sea travelling over 300km per hour!!! Pretty crazy 😜Brilliant day exploring all Andrew's old haunts including his primary school and the garages he used to jump off the rooftops of! The favourite lolly store Stubbins was still there too! ( just abandoned) Spent yesterday at Brighton Peir going on every ride and walked along the so called "Beach" how can you make a sandcastle out of pebbles??? And we lost Grandad too! Beautiful walk home through county lanes (bridle ways) So miss you all xxx

Brodie- WHERE ARE THE CHICKENS AND DUCKS AND POULTRY AT?? I haven't seen any! But I get to speak Britlandish so that's fun! (lol Jasmine) I FINALLY GOT SOME BOVRIL! Me and Teagen went for a walk that ended up taking 50 minutes. Yesterday we spent the whole day at the Peir (roller coasters, fairy floss, my Mum Floss, chips, ice cream)

Teagen-Got a blister from walking SO MUCH. And I like catching up with my relatives. (That's all she wrote because she is watching YouTube)