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Fishenden ’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Jun 2017

Location: USA

MapFloss-Had to spend an extra night in London (not to keen after horrible London Bridge situation) due to visa or rather no visa! SERIOUSLY!!! Then had to RUN to catch connecting flight...arrived in Frankfurt at gate B and had 20 mins to get to gate Z66! Ran on to plane to PA announcement welcoming aboard the family from London...we are now cleared for takeoff! Yes we were treating ourselves to business class!( I'm sure "economy" would have left without us!) First time I didn't want an eleven hour flight to end!!!
Universal studios was brilliant!!!

Brodie- HEY! GUESS WHAT! THE HOLIDAY IS ALOMST OVER!!!! I seriously can't wait until I can hug my friends again! I'll miss this holiday tho....BUT IM ALMOST HOME!!!! (The reason my story writing part is so short is cause I'm lazyyyyy) Disneyland was bad. Gold Coast was way better (miss you Ferals) but Universal Studios was AWESOME! Byeeeeeee! Xx

Teagen- Disneyland was really bad. I got a Belle figure. That's it. (She's on her tablet and is lazy too)