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Fishenden ’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017

Location: Maui, USA

MapFloss-3.45am start for the airport after going to bed after midnight! (Yes there is a 3.45am even on holidays!)Blah!
Maui is beautiful...Great luau and fantastic snorkelling! I swear the girls are part Fish! Watching Brodie free dive past a guy on scuba gear was priceless!! (Must do Great Barrier Reef one day!)Another early rise to go ziplining down the Maui Mountains! Incredible! Hot stone massages are pretty good too!!!Teagen and I are off for another on this evening! Love and miss you all...see you soon! XOXO
Brodie-Hello .I got sunburnt. I went snorkelling. I went ziplinging and ALMOST DIED. I'll be home soon! Yay! Bye. Xx
Teagen- Had fun snorkelling even though I bearly snorkeled just kept diving and sliding down a huge slide on the back of the boat. I had fun ziplinging it was scary but cool.