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Fishenden ’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Jun 2017

Location: Maui, USA

MapFloss-Surfie chicks rule! Yep! Actually standing up and catching waves on a Maui coral reef break into the shore! Best teacher as we stood up and caught waves EVERY time!! Absolute blast!! Two hours of total fun! ( We were definitely the loudest cheerers too!) But a bit scary as over coral reef just knee deep in places so kept reminding us to land feet first if you come off...think that's why we stayed standing up most of the time! Mind you....arms pretty sore today! Lol ! Not long til we're back in Oz! Miss you all xoxox

Brodie-List of things I miss/can't wait to see:
-Fast Wifi
-Grandma and Grandpa
I was so close to meeting one of my internet friends.

Teagen-We went surfing and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Even though I got really burnt on the back of my legs and we come home in two days and I'm so excited.