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Oakleys’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Jul 2017

Location: Netherlands

MapOn Saturday we visited Anne Frank's House a vey interesting and emotional visit you could ask yourself could your family stay hidden for two years undetected! The house was narrow in the front but rather long and multi storied. However the rooms were very small and had minimal washing, cooking facilities.
The hop on hop off bus and canal boat gave us both an on road and on water perspective of Amsterdam. The canal traffic was like peak hour with all sorts of craft plying up and down.
Before we left for the river boat we visited the Museum and took photos particularly of the garden areas.
Sunday we were out and on the boat by 3pm,unpacked and settled in and enjoyed our first dinner.
The river boat is narrow long and has 157 guests our cabin is at the end of a long corridor the glass sliding Windows open up to the river.
The passengers are a mixed lot young and not so young and many women on their own either by choice or necessity. Many are from Australia especially the Geelong area.