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Oakleys’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017

Location: Netherlands

MapOf windmills, cheese,clogs and tourist traps. The windmill village made a picturesque scene- windmills with multicoloured sails, green fields, grazing sheep, goats and quaint houses. Inside the windmill the Miller was grinding pigments for artist's paints. After climbing steep stairs to where the Miller changes the sails to catch the prevailing winds which also gave us a magnificent view of the countryside. The next tourist trap was the cheese shop with young girls in traditional dress convincing tourists- many Japanese- to buy rounds of cheese. Despite this samples of goats cheese with lilac and truffles were very tasty.
The clog factory - a large shed was clammed with all sorts of clogs. The most outstanding clog which caught eye was a bling encrusted clog called "The Diamond"