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Oakleys’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017

Location: Bonn, Germany

MapOff to Bonn the former capital of Germany before reunification. A small city 250,000 but the home of many important events and people. This was the city where Beethoven was born, the burning of books by the Nazi's, the Church where Cardinal Ratzinger began his ministry and then went on to be the Pope. On many pavements there were trip stones - plaques commerating Jewish families murdered by the Nazis.
There were also bronze book spines with famous authors whose books were burnt by the Nazis.
The Arch Bishop of Cologone's Palace and gardens is now the University of Bonn.
Dinner was a step back in time at the Burg Namedy Castle. Drinks and nibbles in the great hall surrounded by ancestral paintings and stuffed eagles, wandering through the countless rooms, a sumptuous three course dinner ( for 157 guests) in the mirror hall plus a piano recital. The owner Princess Heide hires out the castle for functions music festivals etc. to help pay for the upkeep and restoration works.