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Oakleys’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Jul 2017

Location: Wuzburg, Germany

MapWuzburg is the main city of the Franconian wine industry. All the surrounding hillsides are planted with vines in neat vertical rows. Our excursion bus took us through the farming areas to a small town called Rothenburg. This is a small but perfectly preserved Medieval village. The old town is surrounded by a city wall around which you can walk if you have a spare 45 minutes. As expected for a tourist town there are numerous cafes, hotels as well as everyday shops but all house in Medieval buildings. The most amazing shop was the Christmas shop which had a maze of rooms crammed with fascinating mobile and static decorations. The centre piece of the shop was a huge decorated Christmas tree. Sadly photos were not allowed in the shop.
At night we were entertained by a Bavarian group who played traditional folk songs which had the passengers up and dancing.