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Oakleys’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Jul 2017

Location: Bamburg , Germany

MapOur arrival in Bamburg coincided with not only the weekend but their annual magicians and jugglers festival which brings hoards of participants and onlookers all which meant street choking crowds.
Bamburg is well known for its breweries, thirteen in a town of 70,000 people and eighty one in the region. It's unique beer, smokey beer, which has a taste of bacon,I can't verify this as we did not taste it.
In the middle of town is a white water kayak course which passes the old town hall which also sits on an island in the middle of the river.
As Bamburg was not bombed their are many buildings dating back to the mid 14th & 15th centuries. The two most impressive was the Cathedral with its soaring interior, spectacular altar.
The second - the Arch Bishop of Bamburg's Palace was palatial and surrounded by a small village.
The rose garden behind the Palace wa a lovely place to sit and relax. It contains 140 rose plants and 44 species all planted in well attended beds.
If you could remove the excess crowds Bamburg is a fascinating place.
After dinner we were entertained by a singer and her European song book which featured popular songs from European countries eg Danny Boy - Ireland, Never on a Sunday - Greece amongst others.