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Oakleys’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Jul 2017

Location: Nuremberg , Germany

MapA short early morning drive bought us to a huge unfinished red brick building based on the Coloseum this is where Hitler proposed to hold National Congresses of his political party it was proposed to have a suspended glass dome designed to highlight where he was seated it was never finished as money was siphoned into the war effort. Nowdays it is used by the city council and other organisations as a storage house.
The centre piece of Nazi propaganda was a long and wide outdoor area where military parades, rallies etc. were held with Hitler standing high above the area ranting and raving about Germanic power and supremacy but no mention of war.
It was early morning when we arrived and only a few people were around so it was eerily quiet. Our guide gave us a detailed account of the happenings that took place here and around the Nazi centre piece. The photo shows Zeppelin Field as it was during the Nazi across. Driving through the parklands it was hard to imagine what had happened in the past.
From the recent past to the distant past when we arrived in the old town with its fortified walls and castle built on an outcrop of sandstone which gave the army a magnificent but strategic outlook over the surrounding countryside.
To be continued....