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Nancy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Apr 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapHi folks - at last the long awaited first diary entry has arrived, I'm sure you have all been eagerly logging in to find out what I have been up to! Only joking kids haven't turned into an arrogant traveller yet I promise! Anyway. sorry for the delay it's not because I am rubbish at using the internet (although that could be a highly likely reason for the delay!) but beacuse Tara and I have been spending the last week on a deserted Island in Fiji - and I have to say (without trying to make everyone too green with envy!) that it was amazing. You'll be glad to hear that the weather was not fab, in fact just before we arrived they were contemplating evacuating Nadi (capital) due to floods - bad weather is obviously in the genes mother! Despite that it was really , really good - the fijians are amazingly frindly people, shouting Bula! (welcome) everywhere you go - do have to say (in a typically English fashion) to the point where it started to get slightly irritating! However, we had a fab time on Robinson Crusoe Island and met lots of really nice people - in fact we've been pretty lucky as most people seem to be doing our route but the other way round so we have now got lots of tips on where to go and where to stay in every country we are visiting!

We did lots of activities on the island - coconut jewellery making, island survivor, traditional Fijian dancing, cava ceremonies, volleyball, rounders (I know it was pretty active, I shocked myself too!) ... and of course we did lots of drinking and dancing! In fact we were so busy I have only managed to read 5 pages of my book! Do have to state that myself and Tara did let the side down when we both discovered rather emabarrisingly in front of everybody that we could not Kayak for shit! I paddled forward to strokes went round in a circle and capsized fully clothed - yes was quite embarrased at how poor my attempt was!

Anyway, to sum Fiji up it was fab and we meet some really nice and down to earth people who we are gonna stay in contact with - we survived cold bucket showers (I know I was shocked when we first arrived) and being bitten alive by mosi'e, we look like some sort of disease-ridden people at the moment (covered head to toe in bites - they get EVERYWHERE those damn mosi's!

Time is running out but will keep you all posted - miss you all xxx