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Louise’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Jun 2005

Location: Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

MapWell, I survived the 24 hour bus journey from Salta to Puerto Iguazu and think I've discovered the key to it all. I'd had so little sleep the two nights before I got on the bus, that practically as soon as it started moving I had dozed off. I'm sure I probably snored and dribbled and at one point I remember nustling against the shoulder of my burly neighbour thinking his arm was the chair, whoops. And I think we watched about 10 films in that time. Most of them, if not all, were copies, which meant they either ended prematurely leaving us guessing what the ending was, or they jumped all over the place, or they were just green.Oh, and if it wasn't a film then some classic 1940s tango music was blearing out, which kind of grates after a while! But I made it here in one piece.

Went to the Iguazu Falls today. I'd been told they were pretty amazing but wasn't prepared for just how beautiful they are. The walkway into the Devil's Throat, Garganta del Diabolo, the main part of the waterfalls, was full of really colourful butterflies, and I'd been told to watch out for stray cats, although didn't see any. Cats as in jaguar, not nice little pussy cats. The roar of the water at Devil's Throat is incredible, there is just so much thundering over the edges. I stood at the edge taking lots of pictures and getting soaked by the spray. Saw a couple of toucans, some coati and monkeys too so it reminded me of being back in Costa Rica. Being in cold, dusty Bolivia, I'd forgotten just how much I like tropical places. Bring on the sun please!

Well, this is just a little update. Having a hard time understanding the Argentinians with their strange accents, so will be even more fun trying to speak Portuguese when I get to Brazil. A nun on the bus tried to give me her shopping trolley wheely thing to help me with my luggage, but by the time I understood what she was saying the moment had passed!

Rio is my next stop.... fantastico!

Louise xxx