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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2005

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapSo... here I am, sitting in a internet cafe in santiago doing what i though i never would... compiling a travel website.

So far so good. Class is coming along slowly, although if i keep procrastinating on the internet instead of studying it will be a different story. Have seen all the lovely things santiago has to offer...hills, statutes, churches, museums, people, pollution and have quite liked them all. No dancing yet so those pinks shoes are dead weight in my pack at the moment.

The family I am staying with are lovely, two girls and a lovely dog that looks like a shrink down version of Ernest. Somewhat madder though if that is possible.

I had forgotten how fun being a student can be, wandering around lost in city with my earphones in. Although some of my music makes a very strange soundtrack in this city. I had also forgotten how much study a student should do (not that I experienced that one first hand too often...oops) As such I have become very well aquainted with the parks and libraies of Santiago... quite the nerd really, congugating verbs where ever i go.

Have had some trouble finding a place for a quick drink... my tip to you is not to walk into a bar with blacked out windows, this is infact a girlie bar - I am so glad Matt made me walk in first! Otherwise nights out have been fun, I have perfected the art of atracting dirty old men and of running away from them (having a 6ft 6 australian helps also)

We went to a port town for the weekend which was good fun, a nice change from hectic Santiago. The town (Valparaiso) had lots of colour and electric buses that dated back to 1941 (little trainspotting fact for you all) It is built on hills and they have these very fun elevator things that wizz you up to the top... very speedy. There is also a very lovely outdoor art gallery at the top of one of the hills with murals painted on every second house. It is very nice indeed!

Things get started very late in this town which makes siesta a very good idea. However when i don't get one i am going to bed while students in the uni across the road are still having classes! such a nana as always...

Only a few days left here and then we hit the road... YAYA!!!