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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Jun 2005

Location: Salta, Argentina

MapSo we left Bolivia...
It was a hard thing to do, but we were promised the sweetest deal to get across the boarder into Argentina. As the book says "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is"... it was.

But 30 hours later (not the promised 18) we arrived in Salta, after having my bag searched 5 times (well i got it out to be searched, but apparently my Australian passport meant that i would not be carrying drugs or contraband... )

Salta is a lovely town, and tonight we are heading out for my first Argentinian steak. They better be as good as I have heard!!!
Living up to my true name as nana I have taken up knitting. I think I have bought way too much brown wool, so if anyone wants a very boring brown scarf I could probably have one finished by Christmas 2007 (that said if we ahve anymore horror bus trips like the one passed, i could have 15 done by the end of the week!)

hope we are all safe