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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2005

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapBuenos Aires... what a wonderful town!
And what at wonderful trip south to get here. We stopped in Salta for a few days to aclimatise to the cold and for me to get started with my knitting. One and a half scarves have been produced and now i am thinking tea cosy... you have to have dreams!

We jumped on another ridiculously long bus trip and arrived in Mendoza nice and early Monday morning, checked into a lovely hostel, did some walking around, trakced down the Australian team, got some tickets for the next day's game, saw the team physio, went to the park, had some dinner and then went out for the evening. Big day huh? well that was prob the last such busy day to be had.

Tuesday was the Under 21s Rugby semi final between France and Australia. It was a great game and we won which was even more exciting. Getting home from the game was less than exciting, no buses or cabs and it was about 40min drive from the city. Somehow we managed to get to the next town and get on a bus wihtout the guide book or anyone to ask! how clever?

So we had three days to get ready for the finals, there was serious preparation to be had. We needed face paint, yellow clothes the whole lot! unfortunately i also decided i needed some real clothes so all the green and gold shopping got somewhat forgotten... see photo selection for final decision.

Part of the finals preparation included visiting the odd night club until odd hours, have some big meals at the hostel and wandering aimlessly around the park. You really shouldn't over prepare at the end of a tournament!

Finals day arrived and i got suitably excited. So excited that when we arrived at the stadium i took a flying leap over the gutter, aiming to land in the soft leaves. The soft leaves were really little sneaks that were hiding a really big hole!!!! I am sure it would have been fantastically funny to watch, but i am still finding bruises.

The game was pretty good. I belted out the anthem and was told that our nation had good singing...or maybe she said swimming , not to sure... Unfortunately we didn't win (another 5 min and we would have had it) but we did have a winner night out afterwards. It is a little sureal going home from the rugby at 8.30, having dinner, watching some TV, then heading out at 1.30... only to find that the night club is just clearing the tables off the dance floor to start the night. It goes without saying that i am sneaking in many afternoon naps to cope with such a lifestyle!!!

Jumped on another bus the next day, only 13 hours this time, to Buenos Aires. My eyes are falling out of my head looking at all the shops... which is exactly where i am heading right now!

hope we are all well, love hearing from you all