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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jul 2005

Location: Bs AS, Argentina

Mapcello cello cello!
Well Bs As is treating me very well. In a strange twist of fate two people from the Animal park in Bolivia are staying at the same hostel as us, so fun is being had.

We all headed out to a soccer match the other night, River vs Sao Paulo in the semi finals of the big cup thing. Twas a very exciting game indeed. The crowd was mad, singing, dancing, flare throwing... and it is a dry stadium. Imagine if they had beers!!!! We left a little early when the crowd in the nose bleed section (we were in semi nose bleed) started throwing chunks of concrete into the crowd below (the semi nose bleed section)
Not too sure whether they were pulling the stadium apart or if they BYO-ed concrete.

Also caught up with two other Animal park kids, and had a lovely night out. Matt and Sam ate steaks the size of their heads and lived to tell the tale and go back and do it again a few nights later. There have been a couple of big nights dancing, one at a salsa club, where apparently my dancing style was a source of entertainment.

Have done all the touristy things, visited the cemetry, been to the art gallery and have eaten some beautiful meals. I have traded in my Bolivian Mullet for an Argentinian one... I think this person may have actually cut hair before which was a nice change.

Hit the weekend markets and have now decided that it is essential that we left before the next weekend before i went broke and my backpack would never close.

So a few more art galleries and museums will be observed and then it is up to Brazil. Woohoo