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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Jul 2005

Location: Rio!, Brazil

MapFirst things first...
Iguazu falls are amazing... for want of a better adjective. After a luxurious 18 hour bus ride (wine and all) we arrived at the boarder. I was thinking that a quick tour of the falls would be possible and then straight back on an overnight bus to Rio, no such luck. Nothing happens quickly... after much sitting around and waiting we got out to the falls and had a good look around. They truly are amazing (again with that word) so much water, so quickly..well they were just amazing.

Next day straight back on a bus to try and get across the boarder in time to get the 12,30 bus to Rio. We got there in time to be told that the next bus available was at 6,45, AND that unlike the lovely Argentinian buses I had got used to, this one was just a bus AND would be 22 hours long. YUCK.

We stopped in lots of terrible servos on the way, saw all the cultural differences that are apparent in service stations (well the only one being that the toilets are free!) and finally arrived in Rio at 7,30 the next night. In two and a half days we have gone wollongong to Noosa on buses... time to stretch the legs.

We arrived in Rio just in time to have a few Caprihinas, head out and try my hand at Samba. Yes I finally put on my dancing shoes, just to realise that they kinda hurt after 3 ½ months in joggers, so quit the dance floor early (I think to the whole of Rios releif)

Today my feet are recovering slowly and I am waiting for the sun to come out so I can head down to Copa- copacabana and check out the beach!

Bye bye now!