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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Jul 2005

Location: Salvador, Brazil

MapWell Greetings from San Salvador!
My visit here is brief, due to the fact that Brasil is just tôo darn big! So we are flying (such luxury I know) back to Bolívia to lap up the beautiful cold weather and altitude. YAYA

All the usual things were done in Rio. I checked out Christo, Sugar loaf, copacabana and Ipanema (yes, the songs were stuck in my head the whole time) I even went to the beauticians and got a Pedicure so that me feet looked good in Havianas... I am so happy, finally a country where flip flops are THE only acceptable foot wear!

Since Rio there hás been the most terrible bus ride of my life. I think the bus company’s motto is “drive it like you stole it!”. So after 26 hours of no leg room and crazy bends in the road, we arrived in Valença, jumped on a boat and headed out to Morro de São Paulo. A lovely tropical Island where not much happens. It was just lovely. The hostel was right on the beach, and looked to good to be true... clean, friendly, on the beach and quiet. Well quiet until the night club started which was conveniently located just next door, three out of four isn´t tôo bad.

We were there for five days, and getting on the boat to leave was very sad, mainly beacause we were travelling towards the cloudy patch on the horizon.

Now I am sitting in a lovely internet café in ‘the cloudy patch on the horizon’, waiting for a flight out. We have a got a bargin fare of only ten dollars more to fly to Rio than to catch the bus, and after the horrible trip here, 2 hours on a plane beats 26 on a bus. The only catch with this good deal is that the plane leavs at 4am. We figured it takes 45min to get to the airport, we need to be there at least one hour early and don’t have a reliable alarm clock.... entonces, no accommodation tonight, just a late dinner and early arrival at the airport. How I continually come up with such sterling plans I don´t know !!!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their beds tonight, tomorrow mine is going to be three times as good as normal, no matter how bad it really it!

P.S. the next two days sees me spending very much time in airports waiting for connections, please send me some nice long emails to help pass the time...please!!!!