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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Aug 2005

Location: Cusco, Peru

MapWell hello friends,
Since Brazil it has been go go go! I like to liken it to the amazing race, but I think there is more film being shot on this adventure than on the amazing race.
From Salvador it was to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, after the treat of a night in the Rio airport hotel. Somehow it was slot into the backpacking budget when looking at cab fares to and from the airport and well that is it really… it was very much worth it to not have to sit in Rio traffic again.
It was a brief visit to Santa Cruz, long enough to be evacuated from the airport and jump on an “overnight and then some” bus to La Paz. I can’t tell you too much about La Paz as the altitude knocked me around a bit and I spent a fair amount of time in bed. I do know that the cinemas are very nice, as are the empanadas and the lady in the airline office.
From La Paz it was to Copacabana and Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is amazing, so huge and so… huge. How does all that water stay up so high? That is what I want to know. Isla de Sol lies in the middle of the lake and we went out there and saw where the sun was formed and also saw some amazing rock formations. I must confess that I was wishing that good old Pete the soils lecturer from uni was there to explain some of it.
The “Gringo trail” then lead us to Puno in Peru next, where I went out to the floating Islands. These islands are made of plant matter and just float on the lake. They were amazing (I know I need to learn a new adjective) The people who live there are also amazing, the only modern concessions they have are solar panels for lights at night and the use of nylon string to make houses and boats. They also have the cutest little snotty nosed children!
From Puno we stuck to the Gringo trail to Cusco. From here we jumped on a train to Aguas Calientes to see Machu Picchu (No we didn’t walk the Inca trail due to time and lack of organisation) It was… you guessed it amazing. Due to an error in changing the time on my alarm clock we were up and at the bus stop at 5.15am instead of 6.15am..oops, but it turned out to be the best mistake I have ever made as the buses secretly start at 5.30, not six. So we were there well and truly in time to watch the sun hit the valley and light up the whole place. Just spectacular (I bet you thought I was going to say amazing huh?) Anywho I have been very good with limiting the number of boring ruins photos I have included, but if anyone wants to see more please just ask.

So where does that leave me? Just about to jump on MY LAST OVER NIGHT BUS!!!!!!!!! I hope you all feel the excitement!

So tata for now,